Saturday, August 22, 2015

To Oregon! Pt.1

Route 64, known as North Avenue in Chicago, is a major state road that crosses Northern Illinois. Though scenic by car, it is a busy road with a lot of truck traffic and many stretches lack more than a gravel curb. It is not safe or enjoyable for bicyclists.

Instead, I followed Old State Road, a mile west of Sycamore.  There was very little traffic - I was achieving more and more of the quiet solitude I desired.

I turned into Lindenwood Road a few miles from the hamlet of Lindenwood. 

It's been said plenty of times that the faster you go, the less you see and the statement remains true. On my bicycle, places and spaces took on a presence they otherwise lacked.

Historical markers verified my suspicions of what the land once was. The rural Midwest has been largely vacated.

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