Friday, August 28, 2015

The Storm Between

Between the end of the Hennepin Canal in Bureau, and the start of the I & M Canal in LaSalle, one must detour on routes 29 and 6. A person could include some lesser treavelled side roads, or even travel entirely on tertiary roads south of the Illinois River by first heading into the town of Hennepin.

It has rained heavily the evening before and the weather had started to threaten again. Though a man in Bureau Junction had "warned" me of a tornado watch, another person assured me it was only a thunderstorm. Not one to wait, I headed out, making good time, enjoying long climbs up smooth asphalt followed by exhilarating descents.

When the rain caught up, I parked under a small tree that also, protected a mailbox and donned my rain coat. After the initial down pour, I could see that it would be drizzling for sometime, so I forged on. A few miles up the road, just before Spring Valley, the wind and rain increased dramatically.  I returned a few yards back to take cover against the side of a hill, cutaway by the road.  The rain came down so heavily even the walnut trees above couldn't keep the water away for long.  The ditch quickly filled with water and I was thoroughly soaked.  Cars continued past, their wipers working furiously. I felt like I was in a trench, with gale winds blowing over, inches above my head. At least I was in a better spot if a tornado came. There was little way I could pedal my way out of this one.

Eventually the storm died down enough I could ride on, I could see the clouds clearing out and in a few minutes the sun peaked out.

I found a yard to camp in. The owner turned out to be a biker and made coffee in the morning.

It looked like it could rain again, but like I said, I don't like to wait for too long...

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