Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ghosts of Tiskilwa

I was earnest to visit Tiskilwa. Unlike many other towns along the Hennepin, Tiskilwa was only a mile south of the trail.

I'd been to Tiskilwa before. Not the town, but to a Mennonite community to hear a presentation by a strawberry farmer who was doing peace work in Colombia, in the Medellin region.

I spoke it a woman crossing the street about Tiskilwa. She said they had set up a museum in one of the old churches. A few years past they put up historically relevant pictures in many of the storefronts, some of which were vacated.

Myself coming from a small town, we agreed that it's hard to keep "Small a Town America" alive.  When I commented on how nice it was to see kids riding their bikes home from school, she replied that they all take busses to the larger town of Princeton and had just been dropped off.

When I related I was returning to Chicago, she mentioned she actually spent most of her time in Wheaton, which is along the Illinois Prairie Path.

My pictures don't properly represent the entire town. They do show some of the old buildings that struck me by their strong presence.  All too familiar.

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