Thursday, August 20, 2015

Great Western a Trail - Interlude

Upon the enthusiastic advice of another bicyclist, I learned the Great Western Trail was interrupted by the DuPage County Airport. The air port is bordered by Route 64 on the north. On the south is West Chicago and though I was closer to 64, the man thought I could rejoin the Prairie Path to the south into Geneva, head up the Fox River and rejoin the Great Western in St. Charles. So down the single track short cut I headed.

I'm not one to give up.

I missed the Prairie Path but I know Rote 38, alternate 30, formerly the Lincoln Highway, first transcontinental highway (!) would take to Geneva.

Fast cars, hot cement and a stiff head wind, but I got around the airport and into Geneva and then scenic St. Charles. 

When we were kids we always liked returning home from our relatives by going through St. Charles. At night we would come over the hill and the river valley would open up below us, the lights from the bridge and the businesses were like a Christmas tree. I remember struggling to stay awake just so I could see the sight.

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