Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Newbaum Bar Tape

The Newbaum ("new tree" in German) was nice when it was new. Very soft and a nice color. 

Regrettably, it wasn't so durable. The color faded sooner than I expected. I also had problems with the tape slipping down on the side I didn't shellac. Instead of putting adhesive in the while width, Newbaum only applies a thin strip down the center.

I did decide to try shellac for my first time. I had always liked the feel of the cloth so much that I never did it before.

While the shellac kept the bar tape from slipping down (not a problem with Viva or Tressostar) I did not like the feel. When it was humid out, the tape felt especially sticky!

I had minute hopes the shellac might help with color retention. As you can see it did not, unless you consider that the unshellaced tape did pick up more dirt...

On the other hand, I would say that this darker green Viva tape was all around more durable. If held color better (probably hid it better, too!) and certainly didn't slide around on the bar.

I had hopes for the shellac, but have come to the conclusion that bar tape is actually a high maintenance item. It's good to keep a supply on hand and to change it out when you start feeling disappointed with it.   : )

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