Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whiskers Other Home

We adopted Whiskers when we lived in the two-flat on Cullom.  She always stayed in.  A week after we moved to Oketo, all that changed.

It started with a tragedy - she disappeared.  We surmised she fell out of a window that we noticed had a broken screen.  As she did not have front claws, we were worried.

As it so happened, a week later my brother stopped by to visit.  We were embarrassed we had lost the cat, but didn't want to say anything at this point.  Out of the blue, he nonchalantly asked how Whiskers was doing.  We admitted our loss.

To our surprise, my brother was not surprised!

"Oh, she does that - she always went out for a few days before returning."

"-she defends herself with her back claws!" he added earnestly.

Sure enough, the next day Whiskers returned.

That was last year and we've gotten used to it, opening the door in the evening or morning to see if she wants to come back in for respite.

Yet it was only yesterday that it occurred to us that we had no idea where she went.

"Is she getting in trouble?" we wondered.

Of course she's neutered, so we weren't worried about litters of wild kittens.  Still, we suddenly had thoughts that our cat was out being 'trashy'?  Or, was she a murderer of pretty song birds?

Today we seemed to have gotten at least a partial answer.  Clearing out a corner of the yard  overgrown with thistles, we found her.  She was bedded down comfortably.

What a relief...

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