Sunday, December 18, 2011

Magic Hedge

Montrose Bird Sanctuary has become a favorite Sunday morning destination for me. Used to waking up early, I have often jumped on my bike and headed toward "the lake" before my family awoke.

Despite being a high traffic area, the bird sanctuary still retains it's wildness. I enjoy it's immediate proximity to Lake Michigan.

The lake serves as a nice reminder that the world is much bigger than so my hectic daily busyness. In this way it helps me to relax.

I like to witness the natural energy that is latent in this wild area. The way the sand has been eroded from the edges of the matted grassy area strikes me.

This early in the morning, there are usually a few birders out and about.  Apparently Montrose Bird Sanctuary is nicknamed the "Magic Hedge" because most of Illinois' species of birds have been sited passing through this area.  Trolling around the internet, I was also surprised to find out that this area had once been the site of a Cold War missile launching site!?!? Yikes... Regardless, I enjoy the early morning kinship of seeing other people, such as the birders, at the "Magic Hedge."

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